10 Best Netflix Animated Shows You Must Watch

10 Best Netflix Animated Shows You Must Watch

10 Best Netflix Animated Shows You Must Watch

10 Best Netflix Animated Shows You Must Watch: Cartoons are not just for kids, Netflix’s lineup can confirm that. For this list, we’re looking at Netflix’s best-animated series. To qualify, a show must be either a Netflix original or distributed as such in certain territories. Our list includes “The Dragon Prince,” “Final Space,” “Big Mouth,” “Castlevania,” “Hilda,” and more!

Cartoons are not just for kids, Netflix’s lineup can confirm that. Today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Great Netflix Animated Shows. For this list, we’re looking at Netflix’s best-animated series.

10“The Dragon Prince” (2018-)

Born out of the same mind that blessed the world with “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” “The Dragon Prince” takes place in a realm defined by a conflict between humans and elves. With tensions high following the apparent assassination of the dragon king, two young humans and an elf set out to retrieve a stolen egg and hopefully soothe the flames of war.

While the animation can be somewhat stiff, “The Dragon Prince” blends “Avatar’s” trademark action, comedy, and political intrigue to create an accessible cartoon version of “Game of Thrones.”


9“F Is for Family” (2015-)

Dysfunctional families are a staple of adult animation, but those familiar with Bill Burr’s stand-up know this comedian is anything but conventional. “F Is For Family” centers around the Murphys, five people who inadvertently draw out the worst in each other.

Framed as a satire of ’70s sitcoms, “F Is For Family” is a pitch-black comedy that perpetually toes the line between hilarious roasting and emotional abuse. A touch more grounded than the likes of “Family Guy” or “The Simpsons,” “F Is For Family” might not always be pleasant, but it’s never boring.

8“Final Space” (2018-)

Airing on TBS, and streaming to the international market via Netflix, “Final Space” is a frantic love-letter to Sci-Fi space operas. Jumping back and forth between snappy one-liners and sudden bursts of drama, “Final Space’s” opening few episodes can be jarring and off-putting, mainly due to the protagonist’s slightly irritating sense of humor.

Luckily; the story, jokes, and characters improve as the cartoon progresses. While the series pays homage to countless popular Sci-Fi properties, “Final Space” subverts genre tropes to create something that is truly unique.


7“Carmen Sandiego” (2019-)

First introduced in a 1985 video game and starring in everything, from game shows to comics, the stylish thief has inadvertently been teaching children about geography for more than three decades.

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While the older cartoons present the titular character as a villain, Netflix’s modern adaptation reimagines Carmen Sandiego as a globetrotting Robin Hood-type character striving to protect culturally significant artifacts from an evil corporation. Undeniably catering to a younger audience, “Carmen Sandiego” succeeds in being simultaneously educational and entertaining, which is not always the simplest combo to pull off effectively.


6“Big Mouth” (2017-)

Here is a cartoon that truly understands puberty. Rather than romanticizing or demonizing adolescence, “Big Mouth” highlights the confusion, excitement, and innate embarrassment typically associated with this age bracket. 7th graders on the brink of puberty, Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman haplessly embark on this strange new adventure while interacting with physical manifestations of their sexual desires or insecurities.

Due to the subject matter, “Big Mouth” relies heavily on cringe humor, but everything is tied together with a heartfelt sincerity that can really add substance to a scene featuring a teenager humping an anthropomorphic pillow.

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5“Castlevania” (2017-)

Based on Konami’s iconic video game franchise and seemingly influenced by anime, “Castlevania” is a dark fantasy soaked in trepidation and gore. The premise is relatively straightforward; Dracula’s wife is burned for witchcraft, so, the Count decides Wallachia must die.

Teaming up with a magician and a dhampir, Trevor Belmont begrudgingly sets out to put an end to Dracula’s terror. Penned by famed comic-book writer Warren Ellis, “Castlevania” strikes the appropriate balance between sincerity and self-awareness, with both heroes and villains being subjected to engaging character arcs.


4“She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” (2018-)

A reboot of the classic ’80s cartoon, Netflix’s modern adaptation tries to keep intact the original’s cheesy charm while injecting the cast with depth and expanding upon the villains’ motivations beyond strictly world domination.

Along with often gorgeous visuals and a healthy helping of humor, “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” stands out due to the way it modernizes the familiar characters. The show is not afraid to humanize the antagonists or critic the supposed heroes; consequently, the plot manages to be far more gripping than your average good vs evil narrative.


3“Disenchantment” (2018-)

As the creator of “The Simpsons” and “Futurama,” Matt Groening’s name instantly draws enormous expectations. A satire of fairy tales and, by extension, classic Disney cartoons, “Disenchantment” centers around an unlikely trio’s quest to go against the status quo while traversing the strange world of Dreamland.

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Unlike Groening’s other series, “Disenchantment” follows an overarching plot, even if quite a number of episodes focus on side-quests; in addition, the show’s serialized structure pays off in spectacular fashion during the first season’s final few episodes. While reminiscent of both “The Simpsons” and “Futurama,” “Disenchantment” finds Groening exploring new ground.



2“Hilda” (2018-)

If handled poorly, boundless optimism can quickly grate on the nerves; luckily, “Hilda” never stops being a delight. Based on an award-winning British graphic novel, Netflix’s adaptation pivots around Hilda, a young blue-haired adventurer who approaches every situation with a certain energy that is simply infectious.

Set in a world where humans live alongside magical creatures, “Hilda’s” vibrant art style might suggest this is primarily a children’s show; however, the cartoon includes more than enough subtle jokes and gripping story arcs to entertain adults. This is a show that through and through the whole family can enjoy.


1“BoJack Horseman” (2014-)

Somehow, one of TV’s most realistic depictions of depression and addiction is a cartoon about an anthropomorphic horse. As a series, “BoJack Horseman” is deceptive. The first season’s opening episodes, while far from terrible, chiefly amount to shock humor and references to ’90s sitcoms; however, the show eventually starts to deconstruct its self-destructive characters.

A lot has been said about the cartoon’s sobering themes, so much so, the fact the show is a comedy tends to be overlooked. When Netflix’s cartoon is not smacking audiences in the face with a heavy dose of reality, “BoJack Horseman” is utterly hilarious.

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