11 Best Mini-Series You Must Watch This Weekend

11 Best Mini-Series You Must Watch This Weekend

We have got your weekend covered with our new list “11 Best Mini Series You Must Watch This Weekend”. This list mainly consists of TV shows which you can binge watch over a weekend.


Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Bonus 12th Series

Stars: Bertie Carvel, Eddie Marsan, Marc Warren

In an alternate history, during the time of real life Napoleonic Wars, two men of destiny, the gifted recluse Mr. Norrell and daring spellcasting novice Jonathan Strange, use magic to help England.

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Creator: Bridget Carpenter
Stars: James Franco, Sarah Gadon, George MacKay

WHAT IF YOU COULD CHANGE THE PAST? Imagine having the power to change history. Would you journey down the “rabbit hole”?

This eight-part event series follows Jake Epping, an ordinary high school teacher, who is presented with the unthinkable mission of traveling back in time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

Political Animals

Creator: Greg Berlanti
Stars: Sigourney Weaver, Carla Gugino, James Wolk

Divorced former First Lady Elaine Barrish is currently serving as the Secretary of State. She finds an unlikely ally in a D.C. journalist who had previously dedicated herself to tearing Barrish to pieces.

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Show Me a Hero

Stars: Oscar Isaac, Peter Riegert, Natalie Paul

Mayor Nick Wasicsko took office in 1987 during Yonkers’ worst crisis. When federal courts ordered public housing be built in the white, middle-class side of town, it divided the city in a bitter battle fueled by fear, racism, murder, and politics.


The Night Of

Creators: Richard Price, Steven Zaillian
Stars: Riz Ahmed, John Turturro, Bill Camp

Naz is a strait-laced Pakistani-American student who is off to a must-attend party on a Friday night. His only available transportation being his father’s taxi cab, Naz sets off into Manhattan.

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But his party-going plans are quickly forgotten when a mysterious young woman jumps aboard in need of a ride. Charmed by her intense intrigue and good looks, Naz gets swept up by her pressures.

After a mind-altering night of drugs and passion, the woman is dead, and Naz finds himself in the crosshairs of a gruesome murder investigation, panicked and shaken, but possibly with a trace of doubt as to his own innocence.

11 Best Mini-Series You Must Watch This Weekend Continues…

Dark Tourist

Stars: David Farrier, Robin Brown, Dan Bulter

From a nuclear lake to a haunted forest, New Zealand filmmaker and journalist David Farrier (‘Tickled’) visits unusual — and often macabre — tourism spots around the world.


The Corner

Stars: T.K. Carter, Khandi Alexander, Sean Nelson

Gary, Fran and their teenage son DeAndre live in the slums of West Baltimore. They used to have a normal suburban family life until Gary and Fran started taking drugs.

Now Gary and Fran are estranged and their existence is day-to-day, hand-to-mouth, doing anything to satisfy their addiction.

DeAndre has a chance, through getting his head down and staying in school, of escaping the abject poverty his parents live in, but he has his own problems. He is lured into becoming a drug dealer, making his living on the corner.



Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Allison Tolman

Various chronicles of deception, intrigue, and murder in and around frozen Minnesota. Yet all of these tales mysteriously lead back one way or another to Fargo, North Dakota.


Evil Genius

Stars: Judy Ho, Jon Douglas Rainey

For centuries, brilliant minds have changed and shaped the world. But when genius is used for evil, the results are some of the most twisted, inventive, and outrageous crimes in history.

This is a show about how bad things work not things working badly; the inner-workings and process behind all the stuff that’s against the law. Think of it as Modern Marvels for the black market, smuggling, drugs, gangs, and other crime and vice.

The Pacific

Stars: James Badge Dale, Joseph Mazzello, Jon Seda

The Pacific follows the lives of a U.S Marine Corps squad during the campaign within the Pacific against the Japanese Empire during WW2. Made by the creators of Band of Brothers, it follows a similar line of thought to outline the hardships of the common man during war.

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Where The Pacific takes a new direction from its “older brother” is in its depiction of the lives of soldiers who were picked to return home to increase the sales of war bonds.

In doing this it also depicts the life cycle of returned soldiers from initial joy to the eventual feeling of regret and to a certain extent shame felt by soldiers wanting to return to the war in service of either their comrades or nation.


Creator: Craig Mazin
Stars: Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård, Jessie Buckley

CHERNOBYL dramatizes the story of the 1986 nuclear accident, one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history, and of the brave men and women who sacrificed to save Europe from unimaginable disaster, all the while battling a culture of disinformation.


Band of Brothers

Stars: Scott Grimes, Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston

This is the story of “E” Easy Company, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division from their initial training starting in 1942 to the end of World War II.

They parachuted behind enemy lines in the early hours of D-Day in support of the landings at Utah beach, participated in the liberation of Carentan and again parachuted into action during Operation Market Garden.

They also liberated a concentration camp and were the first to enter Hitler’s mountain retreat in Berchtesgaden. A fascinating tale of comradeship that is, in the end, a tale of ordinary men who did extraordinary things.


That was our pick of 11 Best Mini-Series You Must Watch This Weekend. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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